The WRSF 2014 Annual Trial and Conformation Championship, hosted by Schutzengel Working Dog Club, will be held in Otsiningo Park / Otsiningo North.

Please review the following information link when entering your dog in the Conformation Show

Official WRSF Annual “Jahres-Sieger” Conformation Show
Explanation of Classes, Ratings, & Ring Protocol

•  Complete information is required on the Entry Form for each dog entered.
•  Classes are divided by Sex, Color, and Age on the day of competition, except where noted below.
•  Spayed or Neutered Riesenschnauzers are not allowed entry to the conformation event
•  Each participant will receive a copy of the Evaluation, at the show or mailed after the event.

Classes offered:

Baby Puppy: from 4 months up to 6 months
Junior Puppy: from 6 months up to 9 months
Youth: from 9 months up to 18 months
Breed: Breedable age, 18 months and over, owned and shown by the breeder
Open: Breedable age, 18 months and older
**Working: Must have a SchH, VPG, DPO, IPO, WPO title (BH or any certificates do not count) List Titles on the entry form
**Senior: 7 years of age and over, which are not eligible for Honor class
**Honor: Over Breedable age, 1 time V rating in a WRSF, PSK, or FCI Show

(Black and Pepper Salt Riesenschnauzers judged separately)

Show Protocol:

• This show will be held outdoors regardless of weather. Appropriate clothing and footwear for running is recommended. Rain gear, water for your dog and shade cover is always advisable.
• There will be NO grooming at the Show Site. Please be ready when the class is called into the ring.
• The Judge will decide based on Entry size if/when there will be a lunch break.
• Dogs must be shown on a loose lead. Use a slip-type collar or fur saver (chain, leather or fabric) and a 6 ft. leash (leash does not need to be on the “dead ring”).
• NO double handling from outside the ring.  “Stacking” and food baiting is strongly discouraged.
• Dogs will be moved generously to evaluate movement and condition (change of handler “on the fly” is permitted).
• Teeth will be examined for correct alignment and dentition. Structure as well as Character, Temperament, and Physical Condition will be evaluated.
• The Judge will look at the class as a group, then direct the handlers to move the dogs around the ring at a brisk trot one or more times. The dogs must move freely on a loose leash.
• A dog that acts aggressively toward the handler or Judge or exhibits extreme shyness, preventing examination, will be excused.
• After the Judge physically examines each entry he/she will direct the handler how to move the dog as well as when to return to the end of the line. After the last entry is fully examined the Judge will move the entire class around the ring. Usually this is the time the dog’s physical condition is examined and will require the dog and handler to maintain an extended amount of time at a brisk trotting pace. If a handler becomes tired he/she is allowed to “hand off” the dog to a 2nd handler. Please be careful not to impede the dog’s movement. If the dog appears to be tired the Judge may motion the entry to the side of the ring.
• Each entry will come forward for its evaluation to be explained by the Judge, then return to its place in line.
• Awards will be presented in the ring after the evaluations have been given.

• All Competitors must use the Entry Form downloaded from this website. Copy the form as needed for multiple entries. 

Conformation Show Chair:

Rebecca Letson
106 Norton Ave
Endwell, NY 13706