Penn-Ohio Working Dog Club

Schnauzerfest 2011

The Working Riesenschnauzer Federation presents the 21st Annual Working Trial and Conformation Show. This year's host is the Penn-Ohio Schutzhund Club located in

October 7-9

  • IPO Trial
  • FH Championship
  • Conformation Show
  • Working Dog Seminar
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“Large, powerful, stocky rather than slim. An enlarged powerful image of the Schnauzer. An impertubable dog, prepared for defense, whose appearance fills with respect” - FCI Breed Standard

What is the WRSF Working Trial?

The Riesenschnauzer and handler competes in three phases to measure the teams training and ability in tracking, obedience and protection. In all tests the team is judged at their current or next obtainable level. Each level is more difficult and requires more training and experience to successfully complete each task.

Who may compete?

Any Riesenschnauzer may compete in the trial and/or Conformation Show. The dog must be registered with a recognized FCI breed registry, the WRSF or with the American Kennel Club and have an AWDF scorebook or any scorebook approved by the PSK, AWDF or WRSF. You can find more information about registration and participating in Working Trials. Several breeds can compete for IPO titles at Schnauzerfest when slots are available.

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