Artwork by Michelle Testa


October 6-8, 2006

Bourbonnais, IL


IPO Trial Judge: Herr Gernot Pichler

Confirmation Judge: Frau Anja Kopp







The Working Riesenschnauzer Federation (WRSF) was established in 1991.  The organization was formed to help ensure the preservation and betterment of the Giant Schnauzer (Riesenschnauzer) in the United States and throughout the world.

The WRSF encourages members to own, train and breed the Riesenschnauzer responsibly and the WRSF sponsors annual events which include a Schutzhund trial, Conformation show and other activities that are appropriate for the breed.

The WRSF keeps a breed Registry that records pedigrees, titles earned and other achievements.  We encourage our members to train and exhibit their Riesenschnauzer to the best of their abilities and promote the working, protection, tracking, obedience and all-around skills that the Riesenschnauzer was bred to perform.

The Working Riesenschnauzer Federation is a member of the American Working Dog Federation (AWDF) and the International Schnauzer-Pinscher Union (ISPU).

We encourage you to browse our website and consider joining the Working Riesenschnauzer Federation in improving and enhancing the quality of life for both the Riesenschnauzer and the owners of this wonderful breed.