Welcome to Schnauzerfest 2017 October 6-8, 2017 - Louisburg, North Carolina

The Working Riesenschnauzer Federation Annual IPO Championship Trial and Conformation Show. The only Breed Club recognized by the American Working Dog Federation to represent the Giant Schnauzer in America.

Location: 2303 Pete Smith Rd, Louisburg, NC 27549

IPO Competition tests the working dog at a high level. The judge evaluates the handler/dog team in Tracking, Obedience and Defense exercises. The IPO Trial, Körung (Breed Survey) and Conformation evaluation all help to determine the best temperament, trainability, health and balance in the working dog.

Why WRSF? : Evaluation!

We are serious about the breed... Rigorous training and proofing on the part of the dog/handler team. Honest, standardized evaluation and critical critique by qualified and licensed judges.

This is how we improve the breed...


July 24, 2017 The WRSF launches the official Schnauzerfest 2017 website... This is the WRSF Annual Schnauzerfest Championship IPO Trial and Conformation Show.

The WRSF was established in 1991. In 2017 we celebrate our 26th Anniversary.

Our goal is still the same, "improve the breed and maintain the working heritage of the Giant Schnauzer"

WRSF Annual IPO Championship Trial - Conformation Show

Each year, Giant Schnauzers from North America compete for the National Title in IPO and Conformation evaluated with International Standards




IPO Trial Judge Matthias Hallerman, PSK

Judge Hallermann (Germany) - Pinscher Schnauzer Klub, authorized to judge IPO and evaluate the Schnauzer Breed Survey as Körmeister.

Conformation Show Judge Birgit Bischoff, PSK

Judge Bischoff (Germany) - Pinscher Schnauzer Klub, authorized to judge all FCI recognized Schnauzer breeds in Conformation.

Riesenschnauzer The Giant Schnauzer Standard (FCI)

There are three breeds of Schnauzer - Miniature, Standard and Giant. The "Riesenschnauzer" (Giant Schnauzer) is the largest of the three breeds.